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Brain Scan DMIT Services


2-4 years old

Middle Childhood

4-12 years old


12-19 years old


19 years and above

First (Filling in personal information)

  • Fill in your personal profile, scan your fingerprints and measure the BBC. (15-30 minutes)

Second (Analyze and Publish)

  • Insert the information into biometric system, analyze and publish a report. (3hrs to 3 days of working day)

Third (Consulting)

  • Hear the analysis from the analyst with an advice and guiding.
  • Understand the relation between the brain and 10 fingerprints.
  • Describe the TRC, the relation of the inborn latent potential in 10 areas.
  • Describe the BBC, the sensitivity of the 5 senses in learning and functioning of the fine motor skills.
  • Analyze the nature of personality and character. (Learning Type)
  • Analyze Left and Right Brain Bias.
  • Potential that is an innate or gifted talent.
  • Analyze the most effective learning channels. (Learning Style)
  • Analyze the inborn potentials in 10 areas. (10 Inborn Intelligences)
  • Analysis of 8 aspects of intelligence. (8 Multiple Intelligences)
  • Interpersonal and Intrapersonal analysis of individuals.
  • Recommend, guidelines, suggest to improve.

Appropriate age for scanning

  • Children from 2 to 19 years old
  • Adults from 19 years and above

Report analysis’s listener

  • For children under the age of 12, parents should listen to the analysis results alone as the children are still too young. For children aged 13-19 years, suggest that parents can come to listen the results of their analysis with their children.


Once done, can be used throughout life. Analysis program using biological statistics system. Equipment certified by the GSA, the US agencies with a certificate that able to store fingerprint details accurately and with high accuracy.

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