Franchise Applying

Franchise Opportunities

   Brain Scan opens to recruit franchises across the country….

   Due to the growth of the business of finding the brain’s origin potential with DMIT technology, which is a technology that can be used to analyze the individual’s potential precisely 95-98% from customers in Bangkok and other provinces.

   Therefore, it is a good opportunity to open a franchise application to expand the branch to support the needs of customers in different provinces. Investors are paid back within 5-6 months depending on the intention and management of the branches. Franchise fee is paid only once and can be used for life.

What you will receive

  • Standard scanning equipment from USA
  • Intelligent program for finding inborn brain potential DMIT
  • Laptop
  • Brain Potential Analyst Training Course
  • Advertising media sets such as Roll up, Brochures, Backdrop (2X2 meters)
  • Counter, booth, etc.

Qualifications of entrepreneurs

  • Business owners graduated with a bachelor's degree.
  • Have time and intention to do this business seriously
  • Have love for children and are committed to helping children and youth development
  • Have the intention of further study
  • Analysts have completed a minimum of a Bachelor of Science or Psychology.

For more details please call +660819519000

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